Vikings were forced to snap an extra-point that was meaningless to everybody except gamblers

The Minnesota Vikings scored a huge touchdown as time expired to beat the New Orleans Saints in a Divisional Round playoff game on Sunday, but what happened next was also interesting. The Vikings had to snap the ball for the extra-point attempt, which took several minutes to accomplish as the field was swarmed with players and reporters.

While we don’t have exact numbers or even ballpark figures at this point, it’s safe to say that the decision to kneel cost a lot of people a lot of money (and, of course, paid off for others). This is why you bet the moneyline, folks!

Says his double-play partner and close friend Carlos Correa, “That visit had an impact on all the players, but José, as he always does, took it to another level. He would always be saying to us, ‘The city is down right now, but we’ve got to pick it up. We’ve got to play well and maybe go all the way. It would be a beautiful story to get people back on their feet.’ ”

“The city of Houston has treated me really good since I got to the big leagues,” says Altuve, “and I felt that I owed them something.”

The Astros’ run was reminiscent of the 2001 Yankees’ reaching the seventh game of the World Series as the remains of the Twin Towers smoldered, and the ’13 Red Sox winning the Series bearing Boston’s heartache over the marathon bombing. Meaning beyond outcome became palpable in the full-throated roars and cathartic delight that rose under the roof at Minute Maid.

He is their rushing offense now. The Panthers have won seven of eight, and during that span Newton has rushed for 484 yards, 16th-most in the NFL during that span, and 6.1 yards per carry despite a lot of those being designed runs rather than chunk runs on scrambles (though he is picking up chunks on those designed runs; four runs of 30-plus yards and two runs of 60-plus yards over the last eight games).

And in the meantime, he’s taking care of the ball (three INTs over last eight). He’s a downfield passer operating an offense that has little in the way of downfield weapons. Oh, and before this stretch, when the Panthers still had Kelvin Benjamin, Newton threw for 300-plus yards and three TDs in wins at New England and Detroit. So if we’re suspending disbelief in regards to the MVP conversation by ignoring the existence of Tom Brady, I think Newton has as good an argument as anyone.

The field quality seemed fine before the game, according to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche. It drizzled today, but there hasn’t seemed to be any precipitation since the game kicked off. Still, the field is deteriorating fast.patriots_045_0c6d6d893c15f4a1-180x180

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