Archie Manning says Eli could retire after Giants debacle

Could this be Eli Manning’s last season in the NFL?

Manning’s father, Archie Manning, said it’s a tangible possibility.

Archie said “there’s no sense speculating” about Eli’s future, but did offer a new tidbit on how the season could end for his son: He could retire.

Archie described Tom Sr. as a “very nice man, a real gentleman” and said the two have only met once, which makes the message that much more special. Archie also said he heard from Matthew Stafford’s father, John, who has been a longtime friend.

Much of Eli’s decision to stay could revolve around coach Ben McAdoo and his decision to start Geno Smith Sunday. If that decision backfires on McAdoo, there is a chance he will be out of a job by Monday.

“This is not the way it should be, but unfortunately, it’s where we are,” McAdoo said. “Our number one priority every week is to go win a game, but we owe it to the organization to get an evaluation of everybody on the roster, and that includes at the quarterback position. I’ll say it again, I have the utmost respect for Eli and everything he has done for this organization throughout his career. He is the consummate professional. He doesn’t like the position we are in, and neither do any of us. Eli has had to deal with a lot this season. Through it all, he has done everything we have asked of him in getting that unit ready to play. He has been steady, just like he has always been.”

“As crazy as this may sound, I was really, really, really excited with the way we played offense tonight. I really was,” Donovan said. “I thought we generated really good shots tonight. It wasn’t a great shooting night for us, but I think the guys’ intentions of trying to do the things we’ve asked them to do — in terms of ball movement — I thought they really stayed with it for 48 minutes. I was really encouraged by that part of it.”


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