For Chargers, winless did not mean hopeless; now they have playoffs in sight

“It wasn’t anything that I particularly saw on the field, I just said, look, that was a quick check,” O’Brien said Monday morning. “It was a three-and-out on that series. Let’s continue to check him to make sure that the player, Tom Savage, is OK. They went, they checked him, they came to me, they were not satisfied with his answers to the questions that they were asking him, and they pulled him from the game.”

“The effort wasn’t there,” Memphis interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff said. “To a man, the responsibility that we have to our teammates, to the organization, to the fans, we didn’t give the fans what they deserve. We didn’t give the organization what they deserve, and, we didn’t give one another what we deserve.”

Heat: C Hassan Whiteside missed his sixth straight game with a left knee injury. … Miami did not register a second-chance point and grabbed only two offensive rebounds. … Miami’s 56.1 percent shooting for the game was a season high for a Memphis opponent. … Richardson was 3 of 4 from outside the arc.

Troy scored one of the biggest upsets of the season with its 24-21 win over LSU in Baton Rouge, La., on Sept. 30.

Quarterback isn’t the only position with injury woes. Running back D’onta Foreman tore his Achilles, leaving the run game without a change-of-pace back. Will Fuller is still out with a rib injury and DeAndre Hopkins (the reason Savage looked semi-good last week) is questionable with a foot ailment. It’s been that kind of year for the Texans, who were close to building something special before everyone got hurt.

“These nights are really powerful for a team where guys are able to get out there who aren’t usually in the lineup,” coach Steve Kerr said. “Makes them feel good, makes us feel good and just strengthens the lineup.”

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